Important Announcement: We are initiating a voluntary recall of Sangobion® Kids 100 ml (Iron + Vitamin B-Complex) in the Philippines. All batches of this product are covered by this voluntary recall.

Sangobion® Kids 100 ml is indicated for the treatment and prevention of iron deficiency anemia (IDA) in children, latent insufficiency of iron and vitamin B during the growth period and iron deficiency after loss of blood. It is also used as a supplement during conditions of chronic illnesses and during convalescence.

The voluntary recall is limited to Sangobion® Kids 100 ml sold in the Philippines. Sangobion® Kids sold in other countries is not impacted by this recall. No other Sangobion® product sold in the Philippines or other countries is impacted.

What should I do?

If you have purchased Sangobion® Kids 100 ml in the Philippines, we advise you to discontinue using the product. You may contact P&G Consumer Care at or by scanning the QR code below for guidance on return and refund of the product.

Retailers and pharmacies are requested to stop distribution, sale and use of the product and contact your authorized distributor’s representatives for the return of remaining stocks. Healthcare professionals are also requested to stop distributing sales samples and return remaining stocks to their P&G sales representatives. For any additional questions, you may contact us at 88943955 (Metro Manila) or 1800 1888 8008 (Outside Metro Manila).

Why are you doing a voluntary recall of this product?

We are taking this precautionary measure, in consultation with the Philippine FDA (Food and Drug Administration), upon learning of the potential presence of ethylene glycol above the allowable limits in a raw material. Though the issue only impacted some batches, we are recalling all batches out of an abundance of caution.

What are the risks?

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our consumers and the quality of our products. The potential presence of ethylene glycol in the product may result in adverse drug reactions. That is why even though our inspections and tests are still on-going, we have decided to proactively recall all batches still in circulation to ensure our consumers only get products that meet P&G’s quality promise.

If your child has consumed the product and experienced adverse reaction including the following: vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache, altered mental state, symptoms of acute kidney injury like inability to pass or reduced urine, or lower back pain, or additional symptoms of irritability, lethargy, pale appearance, decreased muscle tone, and loss of appetite in younger kids, please contact the National Poison Management and Control Center at (02) 85241078 and seek urgent medical attention and please report to the FDA: or at the P&G Consumer Care contacts above.

As one of the leading consumer health companies in the world, P&G will always comply with the law and regulations where our business operates. We continue to work with the FDA, our customers, and consumers in taking the necessary actions on this matter.

P&G sincerely regrets the inconvenience caused to our customers and consumers.

The Importance of Micronutrient as Blood Health Builders

Organic Iron

Micronutrients are dietary components, often referred to as vitamins and minerals.

Which although only required by the body in small amounts, are absolutely vital to development and overall well-being. The human body cannot produce micronutrients itself and so they must be derived from our diets.

The process by which red blood cells are produced in the body is called erythropoiesis. Nutritional deficiencies resulting in a lack of iron, folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin A or even vitamin C mean erythropoiesis is either less effective or results in the production of red blood cells that don’t function properly. In particular, folic acid, vitamin B12 and iron play crucial roles in erythropoiesis.4

Iron is a key component of hemoglobin, the protein which transports oxygen through blood in our bodies. If one doesn’t have enough iron, the body cannot produce enough healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells.

Folic acid, on the other hand, is a type of B vitamin that aids in the production and repair of DNA, and works closely with vitamin B12 in producing red blood cells and in helping iron to function properly in the body.

Vitamin B12 is also an essential nutrient in the B-complex. It is integral in numerous physiological processes such as red blood cell formation and bone marrow health.

Another micronutrient integral to blood health is vitamin A as it helps support red blood cell development. Vitamin A plays a role in the development of erythroblasts from progenitor stem cells, ensuring that the body can produce enough new red blood cells to replace those that die due to age. It also ensures that the developing red blood cells have access to iron needed for hemoglobin.

Though not regularly mentioned in the family of micronutrients essential to building blood health, Vitamin C supports body’s ability to absorb iron. In individuals with poor dietary intakes of iron vitamin C can enhance iron absorption.

Whether you are a developing child, a pregnant woman or otherwise a healthy adult, there is no better time than now to ensure you are getting the essential micronutrients you need to support excellent blood health and to overall help keep you fit and healthy with proper diet and exercise

The information contained in this article is not intended or designed to diagnose, prevent, treat or provide a cure for any condition or disease, to ascertain the state of your health or be substituted for medical care. P&G encourages you to seek the advice of your doctor or healthcare professional if you have any questions or concerns arising from the information in this article.


ASC Reference No. P085N070721SS. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor. ASC Reference No.: P170P062921SS